Tuesday, November 7, 2017


It's been a while since I blogged and I truly miss my happy place which is this blog. It's been pretty crazy for the past few months with all the events, transition in my career life, and of course juggling motherhood. But being busy is also good however I realized that I should not neglect myself most importantly my health.

I have been longing for an out of town where serenity is present and that means an out of town trip. For now, it's not possible so I hope in December it will be.

Allow me to reminisce one of the best place I've been in the South to be specific in Tagaytay. I will make this detailed in my next blog post but for now, I just want to reminisce by just posting our pictures when we went to Nurture Wellness Village last year. Yes, it's been a year and FB reminded me on this. What a sweet reminder to the best serenity place in Tagaytay.


My door selfie series which reminds me of this quote from the famous Vlogger, Wil Dasovich:
"When the opportunity closes, build another door” 

It just feels good reminiscing and pretending I'm there again by just looking at the pictures and blogging about it. I really would like to go back and feel the serenity again. 

Till my next installment of this trip. :)

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Movie Review: Kita Kita "It's Now, It's Never"

I never expected that I will be so much drawn to this movie even after watching it. It's not hype, it's for real. This movie has so much amazing things to offer and for me, it's something fresh and my favorite term nowadays...organic. 

For me, a movie is beautiful if it leaves so much emotion during and after watching the movie. This is what "Kita Kita" is all about. It's not your typical rom-com movie, it's unusual but it's beautiful in its own way without trying hard. Sobrang feel good movie na pag-uusapan ninyo after. 

I have 10 reasons why I love this film:

1. Spectacular storyline - It's an unusual love story  because it veers away from the norm where we have love team (nothing against them though, just to set things straight) but we have two people who haven't been paired before and you can instantly see the exciting chemistry which made the storyline even more spectacular. Hindi ito yung nagkasalubong lang and pak, nag kakilala and proceeded to get to know each other and then you know what's next. We have Lea and Tonyo who were both brokenhearted which paved the way in meeting and eventually loving each other. When Tonyo was filled with so much sadness, his constant companion was Sapporo (beer) and that's when he decided to move to Sapporo, Japan for new beginnings. Lea is based in Sapporo and works as a tour guide. When her boyfriend cheated on her, it led to stress causing temporary blindness. I won't delve into details anymore because I will let the movie surprise you.

2. Scenic Sapporo, Japan - Ang ganda lang, I can sense a peaceful place perfect for "two less lonely people in the world" (my apologies on being cheesy). I was transported to a place I haven't been to and I appreciated everything about the place.

3. Characters by Destiny  - I can't imagine any other actors and actresses na pwedeng gumanap aside from Alessandra and Empoy. Eto yung sinasabi na, the roles were destined for them. They both played their roles naturally and that made it more special and remarkable.

4. Alessandra de Rossi's acting - " Walang kupas". Her eyes can move you.

5. Empoy's funny antics- He can make you laugh kasi hindi pilit.

6. Movie theme song - The song "Two less lonely people in the world" KZ Tandingan (remake) is a perfect fit for the movie.

7. It's not your usual 2-hour movie - If I am not mistaken, it was just an hour and 28 minutes. Hindi dragging but you get to watch a quality film. Ang movie di kaylangan mahaba to capture the audience's attention.

8. The twist in the story - It's not always happy endings. In fact, it gives more meaning if it doesn't  end well because that's when we truly realize that not all true love pwedeng magkatuluyan. It will just have a special place in one's heart.

9. It makes you laugh, cry, and ask why. - Everything happens for a reason.

10. " It's now, It's never"- Empoy - The quote "Is It Better To Have Loved And Lost Than To Never Have Loved At All"  fits this line by Empoy. Cheesy but true.

Why 10 reasons.... It's in the movie.

I'm still on a high after watching this and I am hoping more films like this will be made here in the Philippines.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Belle De Jour Rendevous: Bella Mommies

It was truly a celebration of motherhood.

It was a fun-filled event that I can call one for the books. 

It was a learning event that gave so many key takeaways applicable in our mommy lives.

Last July 22, 2017, I attended my first BDJ event and I am so much grateful I did. I made sure I am part of this event because it was intended for Bella Mommies and Bella Mommies-to-be and BDJ went beyond expectation.

Let me tell you the beautiful things that transpired that day.

After registration, these freebies greeted me!
Celeteque and The Podium were the major sponsors and 
Cinnabon sponsored delightful cinnamon rolls

The event was slated at 1 pm at the Podium and I arrived 5 minutes late and good thing it hasn't started yet because I didn't want to miss all the learning sessions. The event started with a raffle and here are the mommies who won:

The first speaker was Louise Santos (The Multitasker) and she is the mommy behind Mommy Practicality.  I know her because I have been reading her blogs through the years. I can so much relate with her topic, I guess all moms did! We wear so many hats and we have so many tentacles that we use everyday. I liked the way she delivered her topic because it was funny yet so much relatable. One great thing I learned from her is about making time for passion. I have neglected my passion -- which is blogging because of my back to back training classes at work. But after the talk, I vowed to return to blogging once again because this can take my stress away. I've been meaning to go back to blogging but a lot of things in my mind are hampering it but now, I will create a habit once again to pursue my passion. Thank you, Mommy Louise!

                                                                      The Multitasker

                                                             My takeaway from her talk

By the way, another highlight of the event was seeing my favorite youtuber, Isha Borromeo (aka Purpleheiress on Youtube) because she was the host of the event) I was glad to see her and my fangirling mode was definitely on.

The second speaker was Ginger Arboleda (The Mompreneur) and another mommy inspiration from way back. She is the general manager of Manila Workshop and also wears many hats. I wanted to say hi after the event because at one point last year, I collaborated with Manila Workshops when they had an event in Mandala Park. Her perspectives were on point and I learned that:

On point

The next talk was also interesting and I can say part of our "self-care". The name of the speaker is Shari Macainag (The Fashionista) and she talked about how to mix and match clothes and how to be more presentable despite our uber busy schedules.

and allow me to highlight one of the most important thing because I was able to resonate

It makes sense because if you don't feel good inside, then it would be hard for you to have a positive aura and treat others right. I will make sure that this will be on my affirmation board. 

We had a break and sumptuous plated meals and Cinnabon drinks were served to the mommies. In between talks, raffle prizes were given to the mommies and this made the event so much fun. 

The last was about fitness and the speaker is Ian Banzon (The Fitness Coach) and she inspired me to make time for fitness activities. She shared activities that can be done in the comforts of our home.I also learned that a balanced meal is a colorful meal, meaning it should be a complete meal to have all the nutrients needed by our body. 

After the talk, a game was happily played and raffle prizes were given away! I finally got mine and I was ecstatic. 

By the way, I got this loot from Belo Baby:

I was also happy to see my new found mommy friends and of course it's not complete without snapshots!

Mommy Marilou (Mommy Blogger)'

Mommy Farrah (Mommy Vlogger)

The event was indeed a success and I am sure that everybody went home HAPPY and INSPIRED.
There were so many learning takeaways that we can surely apply in our lives. I am glad because this event is a BREATHER from my daily tasks at home and work. 

I loved every minute of it because:

1. I love meeting new people.
2. I feel refreshed and inspired.
3. ME TIME, redefined.

Thank you, BDJ, Momma Club (for giving me the slot), event sponsors, speakers and organizers.

Till next Bella event!

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Fluffy: My Fluffy Best friend and Baby

I’ve always been a dog lover for as long as I can remember. Fluffy friends hold a special place in my heart whether I am the owner or not. It has been my mantra to love and help fluffy friends always. After all, they are man’s best friend, right?

Now, the last time I had a fluffy friend was 2012 and we had almost 12 years of wonderful and memorable friendship. Her name is Elaine and she passed away last August 2012. She was my pet even before I got married. She was my best friend. I swear, I told myself that I would not have another pet again because of that painful moment. I don’t want to get hurt again. So even if I love dogs, I will control myself not to come to a decision in having pets in my life.

But that changed. Fast forward to today, I have now a fluffy baby and his name is Fluffy. Yes, his name is Fluffy. We got him last March 2016 mainly because I want my son to have a wonderful experience in having a pet and to teach him great responsibility.Yes, call me crazy but I gave it a chance again and I can say, no regrets. Just happy times with my dear Fluffy.

Allow me to introduce Fluffy to you… Fluffy is year 1 year old and 7 months and a Shih Tzu. Why the name Fluffy? Because when I got him, one thing I noticed is his “fluffiness”. I love the fluffiness in him and just petting his soft and light hair makes me relax. All the time. He is so loving and sweet in so many different ways. That being said, we share a lot of memories every single day.

So, what's my memorable moment with him?

Believe it or not, it was when he was very sick early this year. It may sound weird but yes it is.
Why? Because it taught me a lot of things and that moment made me more closer to him being his furry mom.

He didn't like to eat... didn't like to play... no energy at all. Apart from that, he kept on vomiting. I brought him to our veterinarian and it was found out from the test that he has low platelet count. If I am not mistaken, it was just 11. The culprit could be his tick per the veterinarian. He was diagnosed to have Ehrlichiosis. 

It was one of the scariest moment of my life. 

The furry mom in me was sad, afraid, and nervous. I didn't want to lose him just because of that.

But that moment, made me stronger because I have to for him. I bought all the medicines needed and fed him even if he didn't like to. I forced him to drink his medicines even if he was struggling and didn't like it. I made him drink Kamote leaves which was soaked in hot water even if he didn't like it. I made sure we slept together in one bed. And there I was, cuddling him more than ever. 

Visit to the Veterinarian

Slowly, after a week, he was getting better. He started to be responsive.

I felt a sigh of relief and we started to play again. The playful in him started to show again. 

That one week was a combination of fear, stress, but most of all "HOPE" that he will get better. I asked prayers from different dog groups in social media so I may raise awareness too.

That moment was indeed MEMORABLE.

I also saw my son cuddling him more.

For me memorable moment is not limited only to happy moments but at the same time, being able to pass the challenges that life may throw us. Fluffy's sick moment was memorable because:

1. He brought our family closer to one another whilst working on one goal-- to make him feel more loved in times of sickness.

2. He made me stronger as a furry mom because most of the time, fear is getting the best of me because of my past experiences with fluffy friends.

3.That after this memorable challenging moment, it is so much FULFILLING to smile again and play with FLUFFY MY FLUFFY FRIEND. 

4. That taking selfie has become our favorite past time.

Selfie, selfie my Fluffy

I love him more than ever and everyday we take selfies to cherish each day.

Taking selfies with you fluffy friends?

My favorite OPPO #SelfieExpert smartphone is Oppo F3 because as known to all, "it provides the best selfie experience to users, because the F3 supports dual selfie cameras" making that selfie moment all worth it!

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Welcoming 2017!

A New Year has tiptoed in.
Let’s go forward to meet it.
Let’s welcome the 365 days it brings.
Let’s live well with love in our hearts towards God and all people.
Let’s walk through its corridors with praise songs on our lips.” – Anusha Atukorala
Welcoming new year means having good food on our table and that makes it more exciting for us. Our family's tradition is to have more food on the table than Christmas. 

I am sharing here what we have prepared. It's part of my grateful journey. 

Waldorf Salad prepared by my sister

Cheese and Ham 

Buttered Shrimps

Crispy Pata

Our version of Yakiniku

Our Shabu Shabu

Shabu Shabu

and of course not to be forgotten :)

I wasn't able to take pictures of my favorite dessert which is Dolor's Kakanin which is always part of our celebration. Nonetheless, I am grateful for all these blessings. 

Happy New Year!!!

Hello 2017!!!!

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